Envo is a skilled professional in recording and mixing engineering, music production, and recording artistry. Rooted in South Florida, he has branched out with a wealthy background in numerous studios nationwide. Envo holds a Recording Arts degree from Full Sail University, a testament to his commitment and dedication to his craft. With over 12 years of active involvement in recording and mixing, Envo's unique position as an artist himself grants him an exceptional ability to establish a connection with each artist he collaborates with. This link catalyzes breathing life into their music, enabling an artistic understanding.

Envo's solid relationships with collaborators are founded on trust in his impeccable ear for sound. His visionary approach to music is highly beneficial for achieving the end result for each client. Envo has collaborated with an outstanding roster of over 400 artists, including notable figures such as French Montana, Kent Jones, Zoey Dollaz, Supa Bwe, Trippie Redd, BLACKBEAR, MODSUN, FLUFF, Rugrat OD, LPB Poody, Ikabod Veins, Daytona Fox, and many more.