Professional Audio Services

Various professional services are provided to meet the unique needs of artists and musicians. 


Starting at $60 Per Hour

With extensive knowledge and expertise, Envo is equipped to deliver an exceptional recording experience that captures the essence and energy of each arrangement.

  • State-of-the-Art Studio:

    Operating from a well-equipped environment outfitted with industry-standard recording equipment and technology, the space is designed for optimal sound quality.

  • Multi-track Recording:

    Multi-track recording allows for precisely capturing every performance aspect. With the right expertise, multiple tracks are seamlessly integrated to create a cohesive and balanced final product, whether it's vocals, instruments, or complete band recordings.

  • Technical Expertise:

    Envo comprehends sound principles and techniques with a solid audio engineering foundation. Technical challenges are addressed with effective troubleshooting to ensure a smooth session.

Whether artists want to record vocals, instruments, or full band performances, Envo’s recording service offers a professional and comprehensive solution, ensuring that every session delivers a high-quality audio representation of the artist's musical vision.


Starting at $400 Per Song

Exceptional audio quality is imperative in the music industry. Whether you're a solo artist, band, podcast producer, or voice-over artist, Envo is an experienced audio engineer dedicated to perfecting your sound and bringing your creative vision to life.

  • Attention to Detail:

    Each element of the mix is optimized, including level balancing, frequency fine-tuning, and applying dynamic processing techniques. This approach enhances the music's clarity, depth, and impact.

  • Sound Sculpting:

    Various techniques are employed to shape the overall sound of the mix, such as precise EQ adjustments, tasteful reverb and delay treatments, and attention to dimension, adding richness and character to the music.

  • Seamless Integration:

    Whether working with individual stems or multi-track recordings, the focus is seamlessly integrating different elements. The relationships between instruments and vocals are carefully considered to achieve a cohesive and well-balanced.

Every mix showcases the artist's music best with technical expertise, creative vision, and devotion to quality.


Starting at $125 Per Song

Professional mastering provides the final touches to ensure music productions are polished and the sound is balanced across all playback systems.

  • Quality Control:

    Each track is carefully analyzed for potential variances, such as unwanted artifacts or imbalances, and corrections are made to achieve a flawless and professional result.

  • Audio Enhancement:

    Audio is carefully evaluated to enhance elements which entail adjusting the tonal balance, fine-tuning dynamics, and applying subtle equalization to bring out the music's best qualities.

  • Stereo Imaging and Spatial Enhancement:

    Stereo imaging and spatial enhancement create an immersive soundstage. This process adds depth and dimension to the mix, enhancing the overall sense of space to create a captivating listening experience.

Envo’s mastering service ensures your music reaches its full potential with a polished sound that showcases your artistic vision.


Starting at $60 Per Hour

Professional audio editing services focus on meticulous enhancements to elevate the quality and impact of music productions.

  • Timing and Alignment:

    Tracks are meticulously aligned, and timing inconsistencies are corrected to establish a cohesive and accurate musical foundation. This approach optimizes the overall flow of the music.

  • Sound Design:

    With music and multimedia projects, Envo's sound design services can help you create immersive and captivating audio experiences. From creating custom sound effects to designing unique sonic landscapes, creativity, and technical expertise, Envo brings your project to life.

  • Editing and Arrangement:

    Envo offers ample services to allow artists to define their compositions and arrangements with skillful trims, edits, or rearrangements to perfect the structure of the music.   

Envo’s audio editing services stand out for the attention to detail, technical expertise, and unwavering commitment to realizing the artist's desired sound.


Starting at $75 Per Song

Premium vocal tuning services expertly correct and enhance vocal recordings' pitch and tuning to achieve a polished and professional sound.

  • Pitch Correction:

    With a sharp sense of pitch and cutting-edge technology, Envo provide accurate note analysis and meticulous adjustments. Vocals are ensured to be harmonically aligned with the musical composition.

  • Timing and Phrasing:

    Great emphasis is placed on the timing and phrasing of vocal performances. Rhythmic elements are fine-tuned to ensure seamless alignment of the vocals to enhance cohesion throughout the track.

  • Collaborative Approach:

    Working closely with artists to understand their artistic intentions and vocal style is essential. Envo collaborates with vocalists, seeking input and feedback throughout the tuning process.

Whether artists want to record vocals, instruments, or full band performances, Envo’s recording service offers a professional and comprehensive solution, ensuring that every session delivers a high-quality audio representation of the artist's musical vision.


Starting at $500-2500 Per Song

With extensive expertise in beat-making and music production services, Envo provides artists with high-quality and professionally crafted compositions.

  • Quality Control:

    Creating original beats is a crucial production element to suit the artist's unique style. Envo crafts captivating and commercially appealing compositions, whether it's a catchy melody, infectious rhythm, or dynamic chord progression.

  • Original Beat Creation:

    Blending synthesized sounds, organic recordings, and carefully curated samples add depth and character to your music, resulting in a rich and immersive listening experience. 

  • Vocal Production and Recording:

    By providing vocal guidance, microphone selection, and capturing high-quality vocal recordings, Envo ensures your voice complements the music seamlessly, tailored to your vision.

Whether you're an emerging artist or an established musician, Envo’s beat-making and music production services provide the tools and support you need to create outstanding music.


Starting at $60 Per Hour

Whether you're a beginner looking to get started or an experienced producer seeking to refine your techniques, consultation, and tutoring enables you to refine your artistry. 

  • Technical Instruction:

    Technical instruction encompasses hands-on training, covering various topics, music theory, sound design, and arrangement techniques.

  • Industry Insights:

    As an active professional in the music industry, it's crucial to connect with your audience, promote your music, and skillfully navigate the competitive industry.

  • Creative Guidance:

    Mentorship allows you to develop your artistic voice. Unlocking your creative potential involves exploring genres, refining your sound, and experimenting with innovative production techniques.

Invest in your musical growth and take your music production and beat-making skills to the next level with adequate consultation and tutoring services from a seasoned professional.

Thank You

For your interest! If any questions arise, please contact us for a custom quote.

File Delivery Requirements for Mixing 

Let’s get your tracks ready for mixing and mastering! By following these requirements, you can help make the whole process smoother and faster by saving both you and me from wasting time going back and forth because files are missing or misaligned, have the wrong format, etc. Meeting these requirements also help create a better final product. Please review every bullet point. Thank you!

  • All files should be left-aligned (starting/exported at the same point).
  • You can verify this by dragging all the files into an empty project of your DAW after exporting and hit play. Everything should be in the right place without you having to move any files.
  • All audio files should be in 44.1kHz, 24-bit WAV format at minimum. Higher resolution files (e.g. 96kHz) are accepted.
  • If you have MIDI files for drums and bass guitar, please provide them, even if you ended up recording these instruments.
  • You must provide tempo information. please provide a plain text document with tempo information and tempo changes (e.g. “Bar 1: 120. Bar 53: 96”). 
  • No tracks should be clipping. 
  • Send WET and DRY versions of files. 
  • Ensure all the files you are sending are organized and correctly labeled. 
  • All Files must be uploaded in a folder to wetransfer via the “Client Upload” Button on my website.
  • Please verify that tracks that are supposed to be stereo (e.g. ambient FX, strings) are still stereo after exporting.
  • Please label your files clearly and organize them into folders (e.g. Vox, Guitars, Bass etc).
  • All files must be finalized. Do NOT re-record files or make changes to the song after I have already started mixing. Doing so will incur extra fees and result in delays. 
  • Processed stems (often used for backing tracks) must be requested upfront. I don’t keep all the projects indefinitely.
  • Please include a demo of your song(s). It’s for my reference; no need to mix it yourself.
  • Consider including a list of songs for me for stylistic reference. For example, if you would like your song to have a similar sound to a specific song or artist, please list it. Try not to include just any songs whose mixes you enjoy, though, but songs that are stylistically similar to your music. If no such list is included and we didn’t have a discussion on stylistic choices, I assume you are giving me free rein to create a sound that I believe is the best for your music. A piece of advice from me as an audio engineer to you as the artist: Trends come and go. Don’t chase them. Let me (or us) craft a sound that will stand the test of time for your music. Best case scenario, be the trendsetter. 
  • Consider including a “production notes” document, if you have specific effects or stylistic choices you would like me to incorporate in the mix. This process is sometimes done through revisions, so don’t worry if you don’t have a solid idea for effects yet. Some examples: 
    • Lofi effect on main vocal at bar XX
    • We want the drums to sound intimate and up close
    • The track should be faded out, starting at bar XX
  • You must credit MixedByEnvo correctly (e.g. “mixing engineer” and “mastering engineer” if I did both) and include the link “” wherever possible, such as when you upload the song(s) for online distribution (via CD Baby, DistroKid etc), when you upload a video containing the song(s) (e.g. a streaming video or a music video on YouTube), when you share a snippet of the song(s) on social media, and so on.

  • Send WET and DRY vocals and make sure they are labeled properly.
  • Place them in two different folders labeled “WET” and “DRY” within a folder named “Vocals”. 
  • Send your Auto tune or other pitch correction plugin settings if any are being used.

  • Please provide DI signals for all the guitars and bass tracks, if possible. The tones you dialed in might not work well in the mix because guitar and bass tones can sound drastically different depending on how the rest of the mix sounds. Even if you are really attached to the tones you created, it’s always much easier for me to have the DI signals. 
  • If you are sending me both re-amped files and DI signals, please label the re-amp files and their matching DI signals clearly, and put them in two separate folders, so there’s no confusion on my end on what is what.
  • Please label clearly (e.g. cleans, overdriven, lead, rhythm, FX etc).
  • Record with fresh strings, even if you want a dull bass tone. If there are multiple songs, use a fresh batch of strings per song.
  • When recording rhythm guitars, which are to be panned hard left and right, always listen to the takes with them panned to make sure the left take and the right take are in sync. This is extremely important—rhythm guitars that are in sync create a much tighter, wider and punchier mix than those that are not. Even if you are aiming for a more “natural” sound, you still want to make sure the rhythm guitars are in sync, because out of sync rhythm guitars will just sound sloppy in the mix.

  • MIDI drums (100% sampled drums) are accepted and even recommended, for a polished sound.
  • If you are recording real drums, do so with a professional in well-treated studio. High quality drum recordings that can create a modern mix can be very expensive, as it requires a good room, good tuning, good mics, good mic placements, good pre-amps, good drum heads, and impeccable studio-level performance. This is why I always prefer working with well-programmed drum MIDI over moderately recorded drums—the former just yields way better results than the latter.
  • If you are providing real drums, please make sure they are edited to the grid.
  • If you are providing drum MIDI, please:
    • include a MIDI map of the kit in either txt format or a screenshot;
    • include a stereo render (WAV or MP3) of the sampled drums soloed;
    • let me know which drum library you used.

File Delivery Requirements for Mastering

  • File Naming:

    01 Artist - Title.wav

  • Resolution:

    24 bit or 32-Bit Floating point 

  • Sample Rate:

    Same rate you have been recording and mixing with

  • Headroom:

    Highest peak not to exceed -1 dBFS

  • Fades:

    Please do not fade the file yourself

  • Plug-ins:

    Please export the mix with all relevant processing but without final limiting or clipping

  • Upload:

  • DDP:

    Please send ISRC and EAN/UPC codes